At Bigsool we try to take ourselves not too seriously. We're more focused on taking the solutions for your needs and requirements serious, and spend a large amount of time making sure we do what we do best: finding simple and elegant solutions to complex problems, using a perfect mix of innovative design, user experience, and code.

CEO / Co-Founder

Mic Fast

User interaction and design expert, having received the honors from Apple via two Golden Apple Awards), Mic shapes the way we conceive our products and orients the creation of user interfaces to be simple and intuitive, always adpated to the problem at hand.

Mic, independant since always, and co-founder of several companies, one of which went public, was naturally designated to transform this adventure into a success story. With an excellent relational and a proven experience for leadership, Mic takes care of project management and requirements in general.

New technologies / Co-Founder

David Saslawsky

Software architect and developer with 20 years of experience in C, C++, Java, Objective-C, SQL, Javascript, Python ... David combines the worlds of classical applications and web apps in an innovative and astonishing way. Equally an expert in security and IP networks, David is at ease with the problematics of banking networks and distribution of secure content.

Always testing the latest technologies, good and bad, he is on the outlook of the latest tendencies for us and our customers.

Client-Server architecture / Co-Founder

Laurent Wozniak

Laurent is our expert in client server architecture. Knowledgable about scaling and performance issues with web servers, and servers in general, he's the man to find and implement innovative and efficient solutions. Laurent also participates in the emergence of web 2.0 clients, and beyond, adopting standards whenever possible, with a keen analysis of the shortcomings and advantages of new technologies.

Laurent likes to find algorithmes that will simplify tomorrow, hide complexity and increase performance and productivity of end-users. Exceptional programmer, he always goes to the bottom of things, not only for his personnal interrest, but also to make sure that every thing is square and bug free.

Mobile & Flash technologies / Co-Founder

Thomas Dubois

Thomas grew up in a web world and has a real and strong expertise in this field. So much that he even teaches graduates at the University of Aix-Marseille II.

Open minded, and working countless hours, Thomas is capable of finding adapted solutions in terms of performances and cost to the most complex problems.

Art Direction & Design / Co-Founder

Christopher Bréal

Christopher is the creative of the team. Resourceful and careful to detail, he draws and creates logos, marketing material, web sites, as well as mobile apps. Like Mic in user experience, he has the final say on the visual aspects, and we'd better be pixel perfect ;)

Hard working and demanding, Christopher is very good at translating our customers needs into strategy and artwork, making their identity come true on-screen.

QA & Web technologies

Julien Ferrier

Student at Sophia-Antipolis' Polytech engineering school, Julien is a talented developer despite his young age. Addicted to programmation since he is a teenager, he has been concepting various applications before he even started university.

Always looking for the smallest detail that would make a difference, or for the issue that no one ever notices, he is a great asset to the team as he is able to ask himself new questions constantly. Perfectionnist and open-minded, Julien never hesitates to learn about new technologies and innovant methods to make his Web applications' architecture even more stronger, faster and safer.

Web technologies

Thierry Sambussy

Thierry is specialized in web development. Fascinated by computers and programming, and this area in particular, Thierry is always investigating and mastering new web technologies.

Passionate about nature and sport, he likes to sit back and relax between mountain and sea. You can also cross Thierry on his bike or running in the area around Nice

Administrative and commercial assistant

Christine Kristiansen

Christine is in charge of customer and supplier relations, and will answer all your questions regarding our products and services. Christine also takes care of preparing your quotations.